Out of state Real Estate buyer investors want to have as much information about a property as they can prior to flying to the destination town or city. Up here in the Rocky Mountains of Montana a video such as this that shows how the land looks in the winter months is definitely recommended.

Real Estate media is this video:

  • Aerial Drone Footage
  • Moving Picture Slideshow of the Interior of the home
  • Motion Satellite Map with Labels
Listing by Branif Scott of Fay Ranches in Bozeman, Montana

Link to images: https://www.saulcreative.com/122-kundert-lane/

Millennial buyers now make up 35% of all new homebuyers in the market today. This means there is higher demand for quality digital media that is descriptive and mobile-ready. 89% of people across all demographics use a smart touch device to choose potential homes to purchase. This is why it is absolutely important to consider the benefits of hiring a Real Estate specific media agency to produce eye catching listing photos, virtual tours, and videos. If a properties features are not conveyed with sharp clear media in the MLS listing that could effect buyer interest. Meaning fewer offers and a lower sale price. Saul Creative focuses solely on Real Estate industry because digital technology is constantly evolving. This allows REALTORS® to concentrate on client needs instead of marketing!