Frequently asked questions and answers

Here’s the simple answer: YOU DON’T HAVE TIME!

To be a top producing businessperson, you’re going to need to delegate tasks to people who specialize in certain areas of expertise. Yes, creating digital media has become more user friendly. But, real estate sellers and buyers now have a higher expectation of media quality. Over the years we’ve seen many agents spend thousands of dollars on camera equipment with the intent of saving some money, only to later realize that their marketing efforts are both time consuming and making them look unprofessional. Realtors® are salespeople first and foremost. Your primary income-producing efforts should be focused on gaining new clients, and satisfying existing customers.

  1. Hire us because our sole focus is ‘Media for Real Estate Marketing.’ We research real estate technology trends, and are constantly searching for new tools and services to help you sell your properties faster.
  2. We are committed ONLY to the Real Estate industry. Nope, we won’t be bogged down editing photos or videos of last weekend’s weddings or shooting product photos for that new outdoor company. Our time is solely reserved for your Real Estate listings.
  3. We have an excellent track record of good rapport with our clients and most importantly with their valued customers. You work extremely hard to gain your seller clients, so don’t jeopardize that by hiring someone that is rude and/or unprofessional. We always show up with a smile! Need proof? Click here to view our glowing reviews
  4. You might be “stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.” You’re a salesperson — you should be selling homes and gaining new seller clients. Not trying to figure out how to shoot media for your listings!
  5. In addition to being in the Real Estate business since 2006, our owner Ryan Saul has Real Estate licenses (inactive) in Texas and Montana. He also holds the GRI, ABR, and GREEN Broker designations. So yep, we know the business well.

First and foremost know this — we shoot real estate photos to sell houses. Our goal is to show as much information in a single image as possible. No, that doesn’t mean we use an obnoxious fisheye wide-angle lens. And you’ll never see blown out bright windows, or half shut blinds.

Our real estate photos show home buyers the layout, build quality, and the exterior of the home. We shoot utilizing the ‘Inside – Outside’ technique. With high powered flashes we shoot a crisp, bright, SHARP interior image. Then we shoot a second image to display the exterior by taking a crisp properly exposed shot to show what is outside of the window. 

After the shoot, we digitally perfect white balance, exposure, contrast, then cut windows out by hand using photoshop. Producing these images is a highly skilled technique that we’ve honed over the years, and through 1,000+ real estate photography shoots. It’s a bit time consuming while onsite, and through the editing process. But we love the quality images the technique produces. Due to the increased photographic detail, by the time a viewer gets through the gallery images on the MLS listing they should be well informed about the home’s features.

HRD or ‘High Dynamic Range’ photography is simply NOT sharp, and the white balance cannot be manipulated properly. Lights in the home will be shown as an orange/yellow hue, instead of a crisp white. In addition, there is a massive degradation in quality because HDR photos are between three to five images sandwiched together using computer software. 

Nobody wants a fuzzy, hazy, yellow-looking real estate photo!

By providing our clients with all the images from the shoot, we tend to avoid the inquiries into whether there is another shot of a particular room and/or feature of the property. We will always give you too many photos because we”d rather give you too many than not enough!

Who the hell wants to count images while snapping photos of an epic Montana property?! Yeah, not us! We’re going to give you on average 70+ real estate photos. This gives our clients confidence in knowing that we took all the images that were necessary for the property assignment we’ve been given. Our photos packages are detailed, and quite thorough.

We create digital media. We don’t clean houses. The listing agent is required to inform the client of tasks that need to be done prior to our arrival.

The listing agent is required to inform the client of tasks that need to be done prior to our arrival. 

We can absolutely reschedule. We don’t charge a fee, or get grumpy if you need to cancel due to the weather. We want your listing to look its best.

We do shoot on cloudy days, and often will edit in a blue sky or maybe even a sunset in place of that gloomy sky. The Real Estate industry is fast paced, and we try to avoid scheduling issues as best we can.

Yes, you can call us to shoot your listing even if you need it the day of, ASAP! But due to scheduling issues, we may only have a limited block to shoot, or it may be later in the day.

PLEASE NOTE:  Schedule our services responsibly. GAR MLS bylaws state no listing can be taken active without at least three images.

If you told your client that their home listing would be active on a certain day, then please make sure you have booked us knowing that editing of projects takes 24 hours to complete.

Example: We finish shooting your listing at 5:30 pm. The images will not likely be edited and available for download until 5:30 pm the following day. 

We access properties one of three ways:

  • Meet the listing agent at the property.
  • Meet the property owner(s) at the property.
  • Hide a key and notify us of its location.

We drive anywhere! Just keep in mind that drive time and fuel cost are billed at $50 per hour.

There is quite a big difference in the way we fly the drone when shooting aerial images, compared to how we fly when shooting video footage. Aerial video requires a lot more time and patience to perform technical movements and camera pans to attain fluid and detailed video clips.

Many new clients to professional Real Estate media are mistaken when they assume that if the drone is in the air then it’s shooting images and video at the same time. Aerial video and aerial photos are in fact are two separate services.

We do in fact prefer to have as few people onsite during the shoots as possible. Shuffling humans around can make our job a lot more time consuming.

We do not need to tour the property prior to the shoot. Clients are invited to email or text message prior images or videos if needed.

The easiest way to book our services is to click Create an Estimate, choose services, and book us online.

If you have questions about our services or want us to prepare an estimate for you then our preferred communication method is text message.

Never hesitate to pick up the phone or email.